Poster: A Methodology for Semi-Automated CAN Bus Reverse Engineering


Semi-automated Controller Area Network (CAN) reverse engineering has been shown to provide decoding accuracy comparable to the manual approach, while reducing the time required to decode signals. However, current approaches are invasive, as they make use of diagnostic messages injected through the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD-II) port and often require a high amount of non-CAN external data. In this work, we present a non-invasive universal methodology for semi-automated CAN bus reverse engineering, which is based on the taxonomy of CAN signals. The data collection is simplified and its time reduced from the current standard of up to an hour to few minutes. A mean recall of around 80 % is obtained.

13th IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC 2021), Poster Session
Ion Turcanu
Ion Turcanu
Research and Technology Associate

My research interests include communications protocols for multi-technology vehicular networks, time-sensitive networking for in-vehicle communications, and next-generation cellular networks.