5G-DRIVE will trial and validate the interoperability between EU & China 5G networks operating at 3.5 GHz bands for enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) and 3.5 & 5.9 GHz bands for V2X scenarios. The key objectives are to boost 5G harmonisation & R&I cooperation between EU & China through strong connected trials & research activities, with a committed mutual support from the China “5G Product R&D Large-scale Trial” project led by China Mobile.

To achieve these objectives and to deliver the impact for early 5G adoption, 5G-DRIVE structures its main activities into three pillars. The first one will test and demonstrate the latest 5G key technologies in eMBB and V2X scenarios in pre-commercial 5G networks. 5G-DRIVE will run three extensive trials in Finland, Italy and UK. The Chinese project will run large-scale trials in five cities. These twinned trials aim to evaluate synergies and interoperability issues and provide recommendations for technology and spectrum harmonisation. The second one focuses on researching key innovations in network slicing, network virtualisation, 5G transport network, edge computing and New Radio features to fill gaps between standards and real-world deployment. The third one will push EU-China 5G collaboration at all levels thru extensive dissemination and exploitation actions. The project formed a strong team of mobile operators and industry, including a prominent car manufacturer, SMEs, research institutes and universities. This well-balanced consortium has the necessary skills with an established close cooperation with the Chinese consortium will provide first class expertise to achieve full interoperability of the 5G networks and V2X between the EU and China. 5G-DRIVE is ideally set to instill tremendous impact on the validation of standards and trigger the roll-out of real 5G networks and V2X innovative solutions driving new business opportunities and creating thereby new jobs and brand new business models.

Project duration: 01.09.2018 - 31.08.2021

Funding: This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 814956.

Ion Turcanu
Ion Turcanu
Research and Technology Associate

My research interests include communications protocols for multi-technology vehicular networks, time-sensitive networking for in-vehicle communications, and next-generation cellular networks.